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When shopping for a new hot tub, there are several things you should keep in mind.  This way you can find the hot tub that best fits you and your family.

  1. Location:  One of the most important things is the location of your spa. Most people put their spa outside. Spas must rest on a solid surface. Often times the spas are placed on decks. You must check with your contractor to make sure that your deck can support a spa. A filled spa with people could weigh over 4,000 pounds. You can also place your spa on pavers or a cement pad. A 4" cement pad is sufficient to hold a spa. If you are placing your spa inside, it is important to make sure that the spa will fit into the access hole of your home. Moisture is also an issue which needs to be addressed when placing your spa inside.

  2. Quality: It is important to make sure that your spa is well made. There are many manufacturers of hot tubs. It is important to find out some information about the company. It is also important to find out about the warranty and who will be servicing the spa. The spa is only as good as the manufacturer and the dealer of the spa. Fronheiser Pools only deals with the best manufacturer of hot tubs and Fronheiser Pools will service all of their hot tubs. This ensures that you will enjoy your spa for a long time.

  3. Insulation:  It is important that you find a spa that is extremely well insulated and very efficient. With energy prices constantly increasing, insulation and efficiency are critical. Jacuzzi hot tubs are extremely efficient and well insulated.

  4. Comfort:  Before purchasing a spa, it is important that you find a comfortable spa. All spas are designed differently and you should sit in the spa before purchasing it.

  5. Installation:  Installation of spas is typically very easy. Most spas require a dedicated 220 Volt line to the tub. There is no additional plumbing required for spas. Spas are generally filled with a hose and drained with a hose. Fronheiser Pools assists the homeowner with delivery and orientation. This makes the process as easy for you as possible.

  6. Jets:  The quality of jets and the placement of jets in a hot tub is very important. Jacuzzi hot tubs use only the patented Power Pro® jets, which are designed to be the most therapeutic jets in the industry.

  7. Service Work:  You are likely  purchasing your hot tub as a long term investment.  Service work will be needed in the future, it is inevitable.  Just like your car after years of operation, something is bound to give out and need repair.  Consider who will be servicing your hot tub or if anyone will be able to service your hot tub.  Does the company you plan to purchase from provide service?  Do they tell you to deal with the manufacturer?  Does the manufacturer offer their own employees for service work or is it a contracted third party?  Fronheiser Pools employs full-time, year-round hot tub service technicians who are trained specifically to service and repair hot tubs sold by our company.  It is our belief that in order to offer the best products, we must offer the best service to go with those products.  That means we want to ensure your satisfaction with our products by dealing direct with you to solve any service issues that may arise.