Poolife® Multipurpose 3″ Cleaning Tablets
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Poolife® Multipurpose 3″ Cleaning Tablets

These unique Poolife® Multipurpose 3″ Cleaning Tablets were developed using new all-in-one technology to provide continuous chlorination, clarify pool water and prevent algae growth. The patented formula prevents algae growth for up to 8 days longer than regular 3″ trichlor tablets. These proprietary tablets are sun protected for extended chlorine life and can be used in floaters or feeders.


Exclusive to professional Poolife dealers
Follow all 3 steps of the Poolife® Multipurpose Tablet System
When using Poolife® Multipurpose 3″ Cleaning Tablets, use Poolife® TurboShock® shock treatment at least once a week
Add Poolife® Pool Plus for added water sparkle
Use Poolife® Test Strips to test chlorine and pH levels at least twice a week


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