Build the Staycation of a Lifetime

Ahh, the sweet glimpse of sunny days has you rejuvenated and ready for adventure. But what do you do when your travel plans are unexpectedly put on hold? It’s easy to get discouraged when things are up in the air. Don’t fret. Instead, use this time as an excellent opportunity to invest in all your […]

The Perfect Time for Your Pre-Winter Pool Closing in Pennsylvania


If you’ve been around our blog for long, you already know the importance of winterizing and closing your pool at the end of the season. You do know that, right? Unless you’re planning to adopt baby alligators next spring, you must close your pool correctly. If you want to raise baby alligators, finding a swamp […]

How Long Can I Expect My Pool to Last?


Whether you’ve just decided to pull the trigger on that backyard oasis you’ve always wanted or you already own a swimming pool and now you’re wondering, “How long can I expect my pool to last?”, we’ve got the unbiased information you need so you can plan for the future! Pools vary widely in cost and […]

How to Move a Hot Tub


Purchasing a hot tub is an investment so the last thing you want to do is damage it, or leave it behind when you move! Not to worry though, if you follow these steps, it’s possible to safely move your hot tub—which is vital because, after the stress and hassle of moving, you’re going to […]

7 Smokin’ Hot Trends in Swimming Pool Design for 2019

Swimming pool design has become a much more significant part of your exciting swimming pool purchase. Amenities available for the growing Pennsylvania “aquaculture” have transformed the pool design process. A mere 20 years ago, pool customer choices were: Inground or above ground. Vinyl, fiberglass, or gunite. Round or square. Today, buyers can consult directly with […]

Your Handy Checklist for Safe Swimming!

Do you have a checklist for safe swimming in your pool? You should. And there are good reasons why. At Fronheiser, we want every water day to be memorable and safe. Why You Need a Checklist Accidents happen. They just do. Sometimes they happen in and around swimming pools. For that reason, pool owners should […]