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Can I put my dog in my hot tub?

Can I put my dog in my hot tub?
October 15, 2018 Fronheiser Pools

We know you love your dog. In fact, your dog is like a member of the family. So it stands to reason that when the family is enjoying time together in the hot tub, you’ve thought about having your dog join in, too.

Don’t do it.

It’s not good for you, it’s not good for your dog, and it’s not good for your spa. Here’s why.

  1. You know how, when you clean your house, a good portion of the dust and dirt you pick up is dog hair? When you put your dog in your spa, that short hair comes off in the water and clogs the filters. (And what doesn’t get to the filter floats around in the water and sticks to your skin.)
  2. The average temperature of a hot tub is 102 degrees – much too hot for a dog. After all, they can’t sweat. That’s what all that panting is about.
  3. Any flea repellents or other topical remedies you’ve applied to your dog will wash off in the hot tub, making for an unpleasant environment for you.
  4. And to continue that thought, the sanitizing chemicals in your spa aren’t good for your dog, and can dry out your dog’s skin.
  5. There’s no easy way out for your dog, either. If your dog doesn’t care for the experience, they’re likely to try to climb and claw their way out of your spa, and that’s likely to damage your hot tub’s finish. Yikes!

As a responsible spa owner, you also want to think about keeping your dog safe around your hot tub all the time. So be sure that when you aren’t using your spa, it is secured with a hot tub cover so your pet can’t enter the spa on its own and accidentally drown.

Now, if you have a cat and you want it to share your hot tub with you, well, it probably goes without saying that’s … just not a good idea.