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Why to Consider a Vinyl-Liner Pool

Why to Consider a Vinyl-Liner Pool
August 10, 2016 Fronheiser Pools
In Pool Tips

With many pool choices out there, vinyl-liner pools are a popular choice. If you’re deciding on a pool purchase, see why a vinyl-liner pool could be a good fit for you.

Affordable: They are several thousand dollars less than a fiberglass and concrete pool design.

Flexible: Offer a limitless variety of sizes and shapes to fit your backyard.

Performance: Great for kids and adults alike as they have a soft surface feel.

Maintenance: Offers easy and low-cost maintenance.

Warranties: Vinyl-liner pools have great warranties! Fronheiser’s polymer wall system vinyl liner pools come with a lifetime structural warranty, giving you peace of mind and fewer worries. It’s also non-prorated and transferable to new owners.

Overall, a vinyl swimming pool liner is a great choice. They’re durable, affordable, easily maintained, and more customizable than ever before. Treat yourself to a pool of your dreams with a vinyl-liner pool!

We’ve been constructing in-ground vinyl-liner pools since the 1980s.  All of our vinyl-liner pools are tailored to your wants and needs. Give us a call about how we can make your pool what you want it to be!