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Jacuzzi J-475

Jacuzzi J-475

Jacuzzi Hot Tubs are on display at our Bally location.
Jacuzzi Hot Tubs

Relaxing, inviting, and soothing, the Jacuzzi® J-475™ sacrifices nothing in terms of style or comfort. Designed for an all-over massage, the J-475 comes with the widest variety of PowerPro® Jets available, each fully adjustable to make your massage experience completely customized to you and your needs at any given moment. It also comes with an adjustable pillow, low-profile foot dome, and an amazing massage for tired, achy feet. Seating 5 – 6, the J-475 packs in a generous Therapy Lounger capable of delivering an authentic Swedish massage to the back, as well as jets focused on the lower body. It also features 2 additional Therapy Seats to deliver deep-tissue massage and massage for the back and neck regions. To round out this luxurious hot tub, the J-475 features drink holders for every seat. Relax, we’ve got your back. Literally.

Display Specifications and Features


Specifications Table

  • Seats
  • Seating Options
  • CLEARRAY® System
    5 stage filtration
  • Filled Weight
    5,387 lbs. / 2,444 kg
  • Volume
    535 US gal. / 2,025 Liters
  • Dry Weight
    925 lbs. / 419.5 kg
  • Primary Pump
    North America 1 speed, 2.5 continuous hp (5.1 brake hp*)
  • Secondary Pump
    North America 1 speed, 2.5 continuous hp (5.1 brake hp*)
  • Circulation Pump
  • Diverter Valves
  • Water Management System
  • Filtration
    ProClarity™ Filtration System w/ Grill, Skimming Weir and ProCatch Bag + ProClear™ Pleated Filter
  • Filters
    ProClarity™ Filtration System w/ Grill, Skimming Weir and ProCatch Bag + ProClear™ Pleated Filter
  • Electrical North America
    240V @ 40A, 50A or 60A
  • Electrical International
    230V 50 Hz @ 20A (2 breakers required)
  • Jet Quantity
  • Size
    91" x 91" x 37.5" - 44"

Other Features

Other Features Table

  • J-400™ Double Waterfall Design

    With an exclusive high-back Jacuzzi® silhouette, premium LED lighting throughout and backlit double waterfalls that cascade down your neck and back, the J-400™ Hot Tub is a sight to behold.

  • J-400™ Lounge

    The exclusive RX lounge seat features our best jet yet, that kneads key muscles and nerves to relax the back, and PowerPro® Jets along the legs and feet for full-body relief. And, jets that rotate and swirl to pamper, stimulate and penetrate your muscles from your neck to your wrists.

  • J-400™ ProTouch™ Control and ProLink™ app

    The full-color ProTouch™ Control paired with the ProLink™ app helps you monitor your hot tub’s status, schedule maintenance reminders and adjust temperature and jet functions.

  • ProFinish™ Cabinetry

    The striking ProFinish™ cabinetry design features optional corner lighting inspired by architecture, drawing the eye to the modern design while providing added safety. And, an illuminated status light to provide quick indication from afar.

  • CLEARRAY® plus 5-stage filtration

    CLEARRAY® utilizes the same UV-C technology that beverage manufacturers, municipal waste water plants, hospitals and other health care environments use without producing or adding gas, chemicals, or other by-products to the water as a result. And a 5-stage water filtration system achieves the cleanest water in the shortest amount of time by utilizing five-stages: ProClarity® Filter, ProClear® Filter, ProCatch™ Filter Bag, surface skimmer, and a pleated filter.

Shell Colors

  • platinum
  • silver_pearl
    Silver Pearl
  • Sahara
  • Desert Sand
  • Monaco
  • Porcelain
  • Opal
  • Sandstone
  • Midnight

Cabinet Colors

  • Brushed Gray
  • Modern Hardwood
  • Smoked Ebony