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Caldera Spas are on display at our Sinking Spring location.
Caldera Spas

A non-lounge hot tub, the Vanto® model features the same stylish design and powerful spa jetting system found on the popular-selling hot tub Vacanza® Series.

Display Specifications and Features


Specifications Table

  • Seats:
    Seats 7 Adults
  • Dimensions:
    7' x 7' x 36"
  • Volume:
    375 gallons / 1425 liters
  • Filter Size:
    65 sq. ft.
  • Electrical:
    230V/50 amp
  • Weight:
    845 lbs. / 385 kg (dry) 5,200 lbs.* / 2,370 kg (filled)
  • Jets:
    35 Jets

Other Features

Other Features Table

  • Aquatic Melodies®

    Audiophiles will love the Aquatic Melodies® Integrated MP3 sound system available on Vacanza spas. Simply plug in your iPod® and listen to your favorite play list. A waterproof housing is installed into your spa cabinet, and the waterproof remote makes it easy to control.

  • FiberCor®

    All Caldera Spas feature FiberCor, an innovation that revolutionizes spa insulation. Applied at a 2lb. density, FiberCor® is 4-times denser than regular ½ lb. urethane foam.

  • Automatic Heat & Filtration

    Always hot and ready spa water with an automatic heating and filtration system

  • The Foot Ridge®

    The Foot Ridge® support provides a convenient anchor point to help you remain stationary while powerful jets work their magic.

  • Shell and Cabinets

    The exclusive EcoTech® cabinet, with its rich colors and embossed grain, offers the aesthetic appeal of real wood while providing the durability and easy care.

  • FROG® Water Care System

    The FROG integrated water care system makes hot tub water treatment super simple. There’s nothing to measure or pour. Just dial in the recommended use level on the mineral and bromine cartridges and insert the cartridges into the integrated housing built into the hot tub.

  • MONARCH® CD Ozone Water Care System (Optional)

    The optional Monarch Corona Discharge (CD) ozone water care system is a virtually chlorine-free approach to water care. It reduces the need for hot tub chemicals by continuously mixing highly concentrated ozone into the water in combination with MPS and silver ions.

  • Cool Zone (Optional)

    With the optional addition of the CoolZone™ System, you can heat (104 degrees) and cool (60 degrees) the water – something that is not possible with most spas. Enjoy a cool dip during the day and warm soak later that night.

  • CONNEXTION Remote Monitoring System

    Our innovative remote monitoring system will provide peace of mind knowing your spa is taken care of even when you’re away.

  • TeakCover Lifter (Optional)

    ProLift®, ProLift II, ProLift III, or ProLift IV

  • Mulit-color LED Lighting

    Mystique® 10 Points-of-Interior Lights

  • Caldera Entertainment Options

    Wireless Bluetooth® Sound System, Wireless In-home Dock, Wireless TV

Shell Colors

  • White Pearl
  • Tuscan Sun
  • Stearling Marble
  • Midnight Canyon
  • Desert

Cabinet Colors

  • Coastal Grey
  • Espresso
  • Teak