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J-400 Series

The J-400 Designer Collection consists of seven hot tubs that boast award winning, patented design. The J-400 hot tubs capture attention with graceful curves, presenting a dramatic modern spa profile. You can count on everyone enjoying an ideal spa experience.

Jacuzzi J-495

With ample room for up to 9 adults, customizable massage, and advanced technology, the Jacuzzi J-495™ tops the category of luxury spas. It offers the power and versatility to provide every seat with a complete and customizable massage experience.


Seats 7-9 adults
Power Pro Jets 62
Dimensions 90” x 110” x 41”
Spa Volume 560 gallons

Jacuzzi J-480

The lines of the Jacuzzi J-480™ present a modern spa silhouette that sets it apart from other luxury hot tubs. But it’s what’s inside that counts – 48 PowerPro™ hot tub jets create an outstanding spa experience.


Seats 6 adults
Power Pro Jets 52
Dimensions 94” x 94” x 39”
Spa Volume 480 gallons

Jacuzzi J-470

Featuring padded headrests that move up and down to accommodate different body heights and adjustable pillows unlike those in other large hot tubs, the Jacuzzi J-470™ may be the right large hot tub for you.


Seats 6-7 adults
Power Pro Jets 43
Dimensions 91” x 91” x 39”
Spa Volume 450 gallons

Jacuzzi J-445

With 6 seating options, the special edition J-445™ hot tub is precision designed, assembled and enhanced for the optimal hydrotherapy experience. And, more seat height variety than ever before makes this seven-foot spa model the perfect fit for everyone.


Seats 6 adults
Power Pro Jets 46
Dimensions 84″ x 84″ x 36″ – 43″
Spa Volume 455 gallons

Jacuzzi J-435

With 5 seating options, the J-435™ hot tub offers privacy, a forward-facing lounge, and a jetted cool down seat, making this seven-foot spa a popular model.


Seats 6
Power Pro Jets 48
Dimensions 84″ x 84″ x 36″ – 43″
Spa Volume 440 gallons

Jacuzzi J-425

The Jacuzzi J-425™ is loaded with all the impressive elements found on the other Jacuzzi® J-400™ Designer Collection hot tubs and spas, but in a smaller footprint. The industry-exclusive WaterColour™ waterfall by Jacuzzi takes it over the top.


Seats 4-5 adults
Power Pro Jets 27
Dimensions 76” x 87” x 39”
Spa Volume 340 gallons

Jacuzzi J-415

Jacuzzi designed the Jacuzzi J-415™ model specifically for ease of entry and exit, which makes it perfect for both young and old spa-goers. The compact J-415 is roomy enough for three but still easy to fit into tight spaces.


Seats 2-3 adults
Power Pro Jets 21
Dimensions 66” x 76” x 32”
Spa Volume 230 gallons