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J-500 series

The J-500™ Collection from Jacuzzi is a revolution in hot tub design. Including state-of-the-art Fiber Optic ProEdge™ lighting, this hot tub will glow. This new lighting is featured inside the tub perimeter and behind dual waterfalls. Plus, the weather-proof Curvalux™ exterior skirt looks almost like fabric. The rounded corners and exterior lighting makes this truly a contemporary design. The J-500™ series has all of the hydro-therapeutic  benefits of a Jacuzzi hot tub with strategically placed jets, including new hip-jets for a an unrivaled relaxing experience every time.

But the revolution doesn’t stop at design. The Jacuzzi J-500™ Collection also has a Protouch glass control (similar to the touch-screen on a tablet), remote monitoring app, and full Bluetooth audio connectivity. Jacuzzi has also included a Prolast spa cover for when your spa is not in use.

Jacuzzi J-575

With room for 5-6 adults, the breathtaking J-575™ Hot Tub features a therapeutic lounge seat for full-body relaxation. Boasts a new PowerPro® FX Directional Jet to relieve tension and improve circulation in the hips. This hot tub highlights a woven exterior and corner lighting outside, and dual ProEdge™ Waterfalls and interior illumination inside.


Seats 5-6 adults
Power Pro Jets 53
Dimensions 91″ x 91″ x 37.5″
Spa Volume 445 gallons

Jacuzzi J-585

Offering room for 6-7 adults, the stunning J-585™ Hot Tub makes for a perfect gathering place. Introduces a new PowerPro® FX Directional Jet designed to relieve tension and improve circulation in the hips while a new PX Jet placement delivers a focused massage to key pressure points in the wrist.


Seats 6-7 adults
Power Pro Jets 52
Dimensions 91″ x 91″ x 37.5″
Spa Volume 440 gallons