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Oxidizers are used in swimming pools to “shock” or “super-chlorinate” the water with the purpose of destroying organic contaminates and killing bacteria. These contaminates enter the pool by way of bathers and the outside environment. If left untreated, these organic contaminates in the pool can irritate both the swimmer’s eyes and skin. In chlorine sanitized pools, contaminates can also tie up the chlorine and render it ineffective in sanitizing the water. Oxidizers also aid in helping to keep your pool looking crystal clear.

  • TurboShock

    Poolife TurboShock®

    Poolife® TurboShock® Shock Treatment is a powerful treatment with more of the benefits pool owners look for. Thanks to the advanced formulation and patented process, it is 15% stronger, with 75% available chlorine. Results: extra strength Poolife® TurboShock® Shock Treatment works extra fast to combat algae and bacteria. It dissolves more quickly and completely and keeps pool water sparkling clean and clear with less work.
  • Poolife Non-Chlorine Oxidizer

    Over time, swimming pool water is contaminated with a variety of organic molecules. The sources of the contamination are the bathers and the environment. If not treated periodically, these contaminants will accumulate and can lead to any number of problems including unwanted tastes and odors, excessive consumption of sanitizer, eye irritation and difficulty in maintaining the pool water in a hygienic state. Oxidation of pool water with Poolife® Non-Chlorine Oxidizer will destroy soluble organic contaminants and assist in the maintenance of sparkling water.
  • Poolife-Quick-Swim-Oxidizer

    Poolife Quick Swim Oxidizer

    This product is a blend of a powerful oxygen-based oxidizer and a chlorinating agent combined with a pH buffer and a dry clarifier. This formulation provides the benefits of oxygen-based oxidation while boosting free chlorine concentrations. This one-two punch keeps water sparkling clear by oxidating and eliminating organic contaminants without affecting water balance.