Pool Liners

Fronheiser Pools has partnered with GLI to provide our customers with the most beautiful selection of Vinyl Liners available. The latest in stone textures of marble, granite, travertine, and slate were delivered to our designers, picking the exact stone that our pool dealers and landscape artists were using in their own backyards. The end result of their work was a new series of high end, natural liners designed for the custom pools of today.

Not only does the print of the liner dictate how your liner will look, so does the fit. Fronheiser Pools uses trained professionals to measure every single pool to ensure that your liner fits perfectly. In addition, we also have water hauled to your property so we can fill your pool quickly. As the pool is filling, our personnel will monitor the filling process and work out any wrinkles that may arise. We feel that this is the ONLY way to provide a wrinkle-free liner.