Pool Safety Covers

A GLI safety cover is an important component with any inground pool. The purpose of these covers are simple: Protect your Family, and Protect the Investment you have made in your pool. As you will see, Fronheiser Pools offers a variety of cover options to meet every need and budget.

​While some manufacturers will use various gimmicks to demonstrate how strong their covers are, a safety cover is designed to keep children, adults & pets from falling into the pool water. After all, is there anything more important than the safety of your loved ones?

Not only will a GLI safety cover provide you with peace of mind that your loved ones will be safe all winter, but you will save money on chemicals and hours of aggravation by opening to a much cleaner pool every spring! Preventing leaves and organic debris from laying on the surface of the pool will also alleviate any possible staining issues.

Whereas a standard “tarp” winter cover may last a few seasons, Fronheiser Pools offers GLI safety covers that have either a 15-year or 12-year warranty.