The Environmentally-Conscious Pool Owner’s Guide to Utility Conservation


On a hot, summer, Pennsylvania afternoon, is there anything more enjoyable than jumping into your cool, refreshing pool?

Even if the weather is damp and chilly outside right now, you’re already remembering how wonderful it feels, aren’t you? The warm sun, the cool water, maybe your favorite cold beverage poolside? Summer just can’t get here fast enough.

But, if we’re honest, there IS one part of pool ownership that’s a little bit less than fun.

The utility bills.

Thankfully, there are some things you can do to make it hurt your wallet just a little bit less without slowing the family fun

Pump Strategy

Pool pumps can use a lot of energy. But if you have the right size pump for your pool, you don’t have to run it all the time. AND, if you strategically run your pump at less expensive times of day, it will save you some dough. For example – if your community has hydro charges based on the time of use, the nighttime likely being less expensive. Run your pump then.

Bulk Shopping

Ah, pool chemicals. For fresh, clean, safe water, they are a must. And while the smaller package sizes cost less initially – ounce for ounce, you’ll get a much better deal if you purchase larger sizes and in bulk. Watch for bulk pricing sales at your favorite local pool supply store, too, (Ah-hem) for an even better opportunity to save some bucks.

Don’t Waste the Water

“Keep the water in the pool!” I know, it’s what your dad yelled at you, right? But it turns out, he was right. (We’re sorry.) You’re going to lose pool water through evaporation, backwashing, perhaps small leaks and moderate splashing. You can’t do much about that. But if you can limit excessive splashing, it will reduce the amount of water you have to replace – which can add up to serious coin. (Relatively speaking, of course.)

Give these water-saving tips a try this summer – and enjoy the sun, the water, and the fun!

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